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.لطفا از میان گزینه های هر سوال یکی را انتخاب کرده و در انتها کلید نتیجه را فشار دهید

1. My name

2. I 22 years old.

3. name is Reza.(Reza is male.)

4. It's my pen = It is

5. How does she go to work every day?
She walk to work.
She takes a taxi.
She drive to work.

6. He TV right now.

7. Last night I a movie.

8. What is your father like?
He likes listenning to music.
He likes to play football.
He is friendly.
He has a car.

9. London is Paris.

10. She here since 2000.

11. I don't know

12. If I won the lottery, I

13. I could have seen him, if I

14. I video games a lot, when I was a child.

15. when his doctor informed him about his cancer, he

16. been to New York?

17. She always alone, but this year she with her friends.

18. When he , she

19. I wish I a cat.

20. Wow! you speak Spanish fluently, How long you